Nu Natives was born a few years back now out of a combination of a love for vintage, silver jewellery & our kids (or kid at that point).

Nu Natives is for everyone. We don't really follow any rules~ we just believe in being you. Take risks, ask questions & follow your heart...always.

We aim to create vintage inspired threads & lil silver keepsakes for your minis to love &  wear. All of our products are ethically made by small family run businesses in Bali & we have a personal relationship with each & every one of our makers. 

The environment we live in & the animals we live with are also extremely important to us & factor into all of our decisions when designing our pieces. Everything we make is vegan friendly, we use natural fabrics & we're trying to keep our packaging to a minimum. Any packaging we do use is either recyclable or reusable ~ we figure we owe the earth at least that.

We also offer hand selected vintage pieces for your littles from around the globe.

Be open, be present, be kind.

Stay you.

The Nu Natives Cru. x